Sunday, 20 April 2014

Do Marketing contribute to the success of B2B companies in today's environment.

Many B2B businesses are of the opinion that Marketing does not contribute to the success of B2B companies as much as it could compared to B2C businesses.Is it still so in the changing Market dynamics of today's environment.?

Below mentioned are a few revelations in this perspective :

a. B2B com­panies’ product development process is still conducted from a perspective that is primarily inside out. ie. seldom inputs from the customer feedback is considered seriously to be integrated in the process.
b. Pricing of products and ser­vices in most of the B2B companies are based on  a cost plus  basis.
c. There are only a handful of B2B Companies that have a comprehensive strategy in place for strengthening their brand image and corporate reputation.

Probably, B2B Companies belief  that their  product / Service evaluation by the customer is more from the functional aspect which makes this important Marketing function diluted.

Evaluating  the above mentioned facts drives us to the conclusion that  better Management of the B2B business brand portfolio could integrate into the organization to achieve its corporate goals. Therefore, Marketing as a function in B2B enterprises will definitely yield success.


  1. Almost across all verticals, Indian markets are driven by a heterogeneity, which possibly explains the variety that exists in products of all kinds. While a marketing strategy that is only 'market focussed' could lead to a limited market fit, one that is too 'customer focussed' could result in unprofitable sales. I think it is in this context that conceiving and executing a balanced marketing strategy is critical.

    1. Thanks Bala for the insight.Therefore, Marketing becomes more challenging for organisations of any size.